A deep love for family, great food, and cooking with olive oil are the motivations for Nôtre St. Remy Olive Oil.

THe Groves

Since 2005 our groves have been producing exceptional extra virgin olive oil.

Our groves are in the heart of Paso Roble’s wine country where we have the perfect soil and climate to grow olives.  Our trees enjoy full and prosperous flowering due to year-round care, which allows the olives to reach optimal size right before harvesting.

 We grow two varieties of olives at tre St. Remy:
Lucca and Arbequina.


 We are one of the few growers on the Central Coast to grow Lucca. It is very unique and sought after. Lucca is a varietal developed by the University of California, Davis.

 UC Davis selected the finest Italian varieties of olive trees and grafted them to grow a world-class olive tree with outstanding fruit.  Our Lucca is grown and available in limited quantities.

 Arbequina originated in Catalonia, Spain. California’s ideal growing conditions allows our Arbequina trees to thrive at Nôtre St. Remy.  Arbequina produces small fruit. It has high oil content and is known for its high quality olive oil.

According to the USDA standards extra virgin olive oil must come only from virgin oil production and contain no more than .80 acidity.  California standard is more strict: .50 acidity.   Nôtre St. Remy’s Lucca acidity level is .13 and our Arbequina is .07.